Feb 22, 2009

PSP 3000 Battery Hacker faces Legal breakdown

上一篇文章提到的那個PSP 3000破解藍電(Lite Blue Tool ),後來已經被SONY告上法院,所以呢原廠商就停止了原有電池的預售,並且退款給所有的預購買家。然後重新包裝另外上架了一個新的藍色PSP電池(MAX Power Digital),不過這次它把PSP 3000進入Service Mode的功能拿掉了,只能當成PSP 2000的潘朵拉電池…
不過PSP破解之神Dark-AleX對於這個產品倒是完全不屑一顧,他認為這個電池充其量只是讓service mode的燈號亮起而已並沒有辦法真的進入PSP 3000 Service Mode進行firmware的update/downgrade程序。


Last November, the news on cracking the PSP 3000 has been revealed by Datel.
The development of the Lite Blue Tool allowed users enabling them to downgrade the system’s firmware and gain access to all sorts of third-party applications, tools, and emulators that Sony doesn’t want running on the PSP.
Datel is a UK-based electronics and game console peripherals manufacturer. The company is best known for producing a wide range of hardware and peripherals for home computers in the 1980s, for example replacement keyboards for the ZX Spectrum, the PlusD disk interface (originally designed and sold by Miles Gordon Technology) and the Action Replay cartridge.
Datel was the brainchild of Mike Connors, who still runs the company, and has been mentioned in the The Sunday Times as one of the country’s top thousand richest people.
1up said, “Your move, Sony,” at the end of that story and it seems that Sony has indeed made a move — to pursue legal action against Datel. Now known as the MAX Power Digital, the battery now only be able to put the PSP 2000 in service mode, also when plugged it into a PSP 3000 it will act as nothing more than a battery. Despite there being no indication of why the sudden change, Portable Video Gamer has received an explanation…

From Datel:
Due to legal action by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe we are currently not able to fulfill orders for the Lite Blue Tool Battery. Any orders received for this product have not been processed and no charges have been made. We will inform customers about availability of this product when this situation has been resolved.
Now we know the PSP 3000 isn’t hack-proof (as if such a feat were possible) and that Sony won’t sit idly by while others crack their systems. Looks like the hackers and pirates will have to be more quiet next time or risk facing the wrath of Sony’s lawyers.
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