Aug 3, 2009

RCSP Study Guide - WCCP Deployments

The WCCP protocol is a stateful language that the router and Steelhead appliance can use to redirect traffic to the Steelhead appliance in order for it to optimize. Several functions will have to be covered to make it stateful and scalable. Failover, load distribution, and negotiation of connection parameters will all have to be communicated throughout the cluster that the Steelhead appliance and router form upon successful negotiation. The protocol has four messages to encompass all of the above functions:

Sent by Steelhead appliances to announce themselves.

Sent by WCCP enabled routers to respond to announcements.

Sent by the designated Steelhead appliance to determine flow distribution.

Sent by router to check a Steelhead appliance after missed HERE_I_AM messages.
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