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Switch QoS: Queuing on the 2950 platforms

今天在教QoS進行Lab設定時發現了一件事,那就是Cat.2950 Switch的AutoQoS產生的config竟然跟課本內容不相同(上次教學時還沒有發現這個問題),因此上網找了一份資料供各位參考,原來是新版IOS修改了預設的template,因此會產生跟課本不一樣的結果,以下是我在網路上找到的一篇參考資料,內容寫得很詳實,可以讓各位更加了解wrr-queue的使用方式:
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Switch QoS: Queuing on the 2950 platformsBy Dennis Hartmann on Thu, 06/11/09 - 4:53pm. QoS SRND does a very good job of explaining the queuing configuration of the most popular switch platforms. I will discuss these switch platforms in this blog and the references section of this documents will include the direct links to the switch related queuing configuration section.The 2950 EI (enhanced image) switch supports QoS, while the 2950 SI (standard image) does not. If the 2950 switch includes Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, the switch is an EI switch and supports QoS. The 2950 EI image does not include QoS support. QoS support is integrated in the hardware (ASIC) of the switch. An IOS upgrade …