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What is Multicast Designated Router (DR) ?

晚上閒來無事檢查一下e-mule的成果,看到了一份古早的multicast course slide + content的PDF,真的有點衝動想要把它整本印出來,裏面的內容真的很詳細很棒,但是現在完全沒有教這些來龍去脈,所以我想現在的學生就算是考過CCNP/CCIP對於multicast也只是一知半解。

在文章裏面我剛好看到了一個也出現在BSCI課文中的一個專有名詞 Designated Router/Querier,更重要的是…Cisco BSCI 教科書中那段文章還是錯的,它把highest IP寫成了lowest IP...(心中OS:習慣就好 習慣就好 教書教了三年還真的仍不習慣~)

• Designated Router (DR)
– For multi-access networks, a Designated Router (DR) is elected. In PIM Sparse mode networks, the DR is responsible for sending Joins to the RP for members on the multi-access network and for sending Registers to the RP for sources on the multi-access network. For Dense mode, the DR has no meaning. The exception to this is when IGMPv1 is in use. In this case, the DR also functions as the IGMP Querier for the Multi-Access network.

• Designated Router (DR) Election
– To elect the DR, each PIM node on a multi-access network examines the received PIM Hello messages from its neighbors and compares the IP Address of its interface with the IP Address of its PIM Neighbors. The …

Configure RSVP Agents in Cisco IOS Software

CIPT2 Vol. 1 Page 3-59 shows how to configure a Cisco IOS router to enable RSVP-agent functionality.

sccp local FastEthernet 0/0
sccp ccm identifier 1 version 6.0
sccp ccm group 1
associate ccm 1 priority 1
associate profile 1 register HQ-1_MTP
dspfarm profile 1 mtp
codec pass-through
maximum sessions software 20
associate application SCCP

interface Serial0/1
description IP-WAN
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
ip rsvp bandwidth 40

Implementing Cisco Unified Mobility

今天是我自2000年來Cisco筆試第二次的fail紀錄(上一次是 DCN,這一次是CIPT2),現在voice的筆試有很多需要強記的觀念及步驟,今天就遇到一題要求我將所有的指令依序排列(內容完全跟課本中某個slide完全相同),但是我實在沒有什麼機會作lab因為不熟練所以沒有得分。另外一題則是觀念問題,要我把Mobility Connect 以及 Mobile Voice Access步驟選出來,這也是完全要考驗考生對Lab的實作能力,但是這部份的內容在課本說得並不清楚,所以我在這邊把CIPT2 Lab中的步驟大綱點出來,方便各位快速查詢:
Mobile Connect Task 1: Add the Mobility Softkey to IP Phones a. Configure a Softkey Template with the Mobility Softkey b. Assign the Softkey Template to the IP Phone
Task 2: Associate an End User Account with the IP Phone and Enable the Use of Mobility a. Configure an End User for Device Mobility b. Configure the Office Phone to be Owned by the End User
Task 3: Configure Remote Destination Profiles and Remote Destinations a. Configure a Remote Destination Profile b. Configure a Remote Destination
Mobile Voice Access Task 4: Enable Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access a. Activate the Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access Service b. Configure Cisco Unified Mobility Service Parameters c. Configure End Users to Be Allowed to Use Cisco Unif…

New Video Certifications Track and Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Voice

Cisco Announces New Video Certifications Track and Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Voice
In response to sharply increasing market demand for advanced video and collaboration solutions, Cisco is pleased to announce the release of two forthcoming Video specialist certifications and the new Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE® Voice.
The Cisco TelePresence Installation and Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist certifications offer IT professionals and students a career opportunity to integrate, operate and manage Cisco TelePresence systems and solutions. Both certifications will be made available in early 2010.
The Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Voice provides experienced network engineers with an effective, job-relevant, and proven program to build expert-level skills and to prepare for the rigorous Cisco CCIE Voice lab exam. The Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Voice will be made available on December 7, 2010.
For more information access the Cisco Learning Network.