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How to use SecureCRT to access your AWS EC2 instance ?

Cloud era is coming, so its time to learn those you are not familiar with.

Amazon Web Services, aka AWS, nevertheless to say is the No.1 cloud service you should know immediately now.

Setup Openstack in a VM w/ Devstack Step-by-Step

Learning openstack is not an easy task for me, because I don't have much linux knowledge. During the openstack setup process followed by official installation guide, I spent more than 3 hours to install necessary modules and modified the configuration files one by one. But I failed and I cannot figure out what the problem is...maybe I should spend more time to understand each action and verify it one-by-one.

But I don't have so much time to waste on installation procedure, I need to familiar the openstack as soon as possible to test its feature.
So I tried to leverage Devstack all-in-one install script to help me to learn what is openstack and see how it works.

However, its still not just so simple just like said if you are installing openstack first time: