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[POC] Juniper SRX IPSec tunnel (Aggressive mode) SOP configuration

In order to prepare the future migration from Juniper SSG to SRX, so I tried to use SRX GUI interface to see how its easy for operation team to sustain this.

This is the first time I tried to use GUI to manage a router, and if you are not familiar with Juniper SRX features and functions, I have to say its a quick start to have a glance overview of Juniper SRX by web interface.

For many junior engineers, if they can have what-you-see-what-you-get interface, they will accept new technology as fast as they can or they might refuse to try or to learn new technology if there's no time pressure or instructions from high-level managers directly .
We are still using CLI to control most routing and switching network device today, but I believe someday the condition may change if the network virtualization come true.(I think no one would like to control firewall by CLI, isn't it ?)