Aug 10, 2009

Riverbed WAN Visibility Modes

Topology 如下:

Client <-> Client Steelhead(CSH) <-> Server Steelhead(SSH) <-> Server

Correct Addressing

This is how our product works today and is the safest and most scalable mode. Traffic on the WAN is between the Steelhead appliances on port 7800. We have thousands of customers using Steelhead appliances and we believe this will continue to be the most used mode going forward.

這是Riverbed預設模式,在這個模式中,Client與CSH以及Server與SSH之間使用Client & Server Source IP&Port,在CSH與SSH之間則是使用CSH&SSH的Source IP&Port。(Destination Port為7800)

TCP Options使用0x4c(76)

Correct Addressing & Port Visibility

Traffic on the WAN is still between the Steelhead appliances, but we preserve the port information.

在這個模式中,除了CSH與SSH之間的Port改用Client與Server之間的Destination Port之外,其它部份跟Correct Addressing模式相同。

(RiOS 5.0+才有支援)

TCP Options使用0x4c(76)

Full IP & Port Transparency

Traffic on the WAN preserves the IP addresses and port numbers of the end stations.

在這個模式中,CSH與SSH之間的Inner Connection全部改用Client與Server之間的Source IP&Port。

(RiOS 5.0+才有支援)

TCP Options改用0x4e(78)

Note: If peer is pre-5.x, the visibility mode falls back to Correct Addressing.

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