How to use SecureCRT to access your AWS EC2 instance ?

Cloud era is coming, so its time to learn those you are not familiar with.

Amazon Web Services, aka AWS, nevertheless to say is the No.1 cloud service you should know immediately now.

AWS is offering a free usage tier for new AWS customers. Per month. You can try it for free, just apply for the service and register an account then you can learn it by yourslef!

However, not all things are so smoothly in my first time.
I encountered a problem when I connect to any instance by the Java SSH client provided by AWS.

As you see, I created three instance for practice as below:

When you pressed the "Connect" button above the instance list, then it will pop a windows as blow:

You will have two options to access your instance directly:
1. Standalone SSH client
2. Java SSH client - MindTerm

In order to start quickly, so I select the second option to see how it works:

You should have a private key when you apply AWS EC2 service, you must fill the directory path of the private key you saved, then click the button "Launch SSH Client"

Then please wait at least 10 seconds or will see the application called MindTerm as below, and you should click Yes for all the prompt to add hosts and create the directoy for you, after that, I got the error message pop-up windows...

I tried to connect other unix based instance and all instance have the same problem (including use my MBA the problem still exists). I am thinking that when I became too old to work, I should apply for QA job ... I always met issues when trying new technology :)

That's why I wrote this post to share with you, if you met the same problem with me, I would suggest to use the most popular SSH client - SecureCRT to access your AWS instance:

1. Please type the IP(in this case, my instance IP address is in the field of "Hostname"

2. Enter the username provided by AWS(in this case, ubuntu is my username, you can see that message prompt from the pop-up windows: ubuntu@

3. Choose "PublicKey" option then Click "Properties"

4. Select "Use session public key setting", and choose the private key in your machine then click "OK"

Congratulation!  You can start to use this instance in AWS for free ~

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