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我想這個問題是每一位想要買PSP新手的最大問號,沒有一個人希望買到的PSP只能發揮一小部份的功能,網路上大部份文章只提到「PSP 1000一定可以改,PSP 2000要看情況(舊款可以,新款不行),PSP 3000目前尚未有正式破解的解決方案。」雖然看來答案很明確,但是問題是PSP 2000要如何選購才能買到可以打開小宇宙的PSP呢?  另一種最簡單的方式是直接到店面去問老闆,或是直接參考售價(物以稀為貴,能改機的PSP售價至少比不能改機的PSP高出 NT$1000~NT$1500以上)。為了避免自己成為冤大頭,請各位在敗家之前先看看以下文章:

2009/02/01 (YYYY/MM/DD)

First thing's first, know your PSP.

There are three types of PSPs:
1- 1000 Series (Also known as Phat/Fat)
2- 2000 Series (Also known as Slim or Lite & Slim)
3- 3000 Series (Also known as Brite)

Now, what do I mean by "Hackable"?
That means you can install a Custom Firmware (CFW) on it. The most popular (& sometimes only) way to do it is by using a Pandora Battery & Magic Memory Stick (MMS).

Why Hack a PSP?
A Hacked PSP could run Homebrew, which are programs that have been developed by people that don’t have a contract with Sony. A PSP with Custom Firmware could also back up your games from the UMD to your computer; it also allows you to play those backups from your Memory Stick (MS). You could also do some serious customizations to your theme. Basically, you free your PSP from the hands of Sony.

Why can't I hack 'this' PSP?
'This' PSP probably has a TA-088v3 (Found in some 2000 series units) or TA-090v2 (Found in all 3000 series units) Motherboard, both of which are unhackable, as in, you can't install CFW on them.

Let’s start now.

All 1000 Series PSPs are hackable to date.
To some, there are other methods than just using a Pandora & an MMS.

On the other hand, 2000 Series are a little complicated. There are old units, new units, & really new units. The old ones contain Motherboards released before the TA-088v3, and are all hackable. The new ones have TA-088v3 Motherboards, and are unhackable. Finally, the really new ones, those have TA-090v1 Motherboards, which are hackable.
There are 7 different ways to tell whether a 2000 series PSP is hackable or not, but we'll get to that later on (and this is the main topic of this post/guide).

Finally, the 3000 series PSPs, all of those have the TA-090v2 Motherboard, which are unhackable to date.
Though, there is hope for the PSP 3000 series. According to Dark_AleX, he was able to utilize an error in the game "Grip Shift" which allowed him to install Custom Firmware. So, if you have a PSP 3000, or a TA-088v3 Motherboard 2000 series PSP, rush & get your hands on a European (PAL, region 2) version of the game.

Here’s a list of all the Motherboards made & released by Sony:

Of course, new updates might come to change everything one day, & that's why there's a date at the start of the topic (To indicate when this topic was last updated).

So, now it's easy to tell whether a 1000 series and a 3000 series are hackable or not. The only complication is when trying to figure out a 2000 Series PSP. Whether you want to know before you buy it, or before you bother learning how to hack it, you choose the way that suits you best.

I want to note that most of the information I know I learned through research. So far, I can't tell whether a PSP has a TA-090v1 Motherboard or a TA-088v3 Motherboard. But, I could tell whether it's an old unit (Before TA-088v3) or a new one in general (TA-088v3 & after).

One final note, nothing could indicate that your PSP is 100% unhackable other than an actual failed attempt to hack it.

1- What is the Firmware the PSP came with?
The original firmware that came with the PSP right out of the box is an indication of its Motherboard, & here’s the list:
3.60 Official Firmware: Hackable.
3.71 Official Firmware: Hackable.
3.72 Official Firmware: Hackable.
3.80 Official Firmware: Hackable.
3.90 Official Firmware: Hackable.
3.95 Official Firmware: Hackable.
4.01 Official Firmware: Has a Very High Chance of being Unhackable.

Any brand new PSP with Official Firmware higher than 4.01 is unhackable (Except for TA-090v1 Motherboards, & I’m not sure which Firmware comes with them).

If you updated to any Firmware, that doesn’t matter. This only applies on the PSP’s Original Firmware that it was shipped with.

2- What is the PSP's Serial Number?
The Serial Number is found on a label where the battery is supposed to go (As shown in the picture "SERIAL No.")

This isn’t something serious or very helpful, but with more research, it could be.
At the moment, it focuses mostly on Piano Black PSPs.
If that serial starts with HU2, then the PSP most likely has a TA-088v3 Motherboard (And that the PSP is Piano Black).
Any other serial (Say starting with HC or HB or HJ) doesn’t matter at the moment.

3- What's the unit's Identification letter (A letter on a label on the box that indicates what version it has)?
Here's a picture of a label found on the PSP box that has the letter on it:

Note that this label is only present on an original style box (The small, normal box. Not like those large "Limited Edition" Boxes).

Anyways, See the G there?

PSP-2000 CW

That G is the letter in question. Here's a list of all the letters that the 2000 series ship with:
(No Letter) = 3.60
A = 3.71
B = Doesn’t exist
C = 3.72
D = Doesn’t exist
E = 3.80
F = 3.90
G = 3.95 (TA-088v1) / 4.01 (TA-088v2) / 4.01 (TA-088v3)

If the letter is absent or is from A to F, then it's hackable.
If it's a G, it's 60 to 67% Hackable (Though since everyone is looking for the hackable ones & no one’s buying the unhackable ones, I'd say that this percentage went all the way down to about 30% hackable).
Some Labels have an extra code written on it, usually “ss259”. That doesn’t matter, just look for the Capital Letter next to it.

Note that the G PSP in the picture is my personal PSP. It came with a 3.95 Official Firmware (OFW) & I hacked it (Has Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-4 5.02 GEN-A (Full)).

4- What's the Box's Serial Number?
If your box doesn't have a label with a letter in it, like the G in the third method, then it should have a label with another serial that's not related to the PSP unit.
Here's a picture given to me by one of our members:

If that serial is like the one on this image, starting with AB02, then that PSP is most likely unhackable (The chance of it being hackable is so small, it doesn't count).
On the other hand, if it starts with AB01 or AB00, then it's hackable.

5- What's the PSP's Date Code?
This is where you would find the date code:

Note that American 2000 series (2001 PSPs)  & Japanese PSPs (Both 1000 series & 2000 series) Don’t have those date codes on them, just like the 2001 Piano Black PSP pictured above.

The 2000 Series Date Codes go as follows:
7C: Hackable.
7D: Hackable.
7(Any later Letter): Hackable.

8A: Hackable.
8B: Hackable.
8C: Has Very High Chance that it is Unhackable.
8D: Unhackable.

This information isn’t 100% valid. I’m still doing some research on it, & I will be updating it every so often.

6- Using Dark_AleX's TA-088v3 Identifier:
I'll just post a link to the location I found it at. I don't plan on testing it, as I find it rather useless.
It's just a method for those in denial to accept the truth.
Basically, it's just like testing out a Pandora with an MMS, if it doesn't work, it means it's a TA-088v3 Motherboard.
(Link: )
I personally am disappointed by it, as I thought it would actually spell out the type of motherboard in the PSP...
I'm also not sure how this would react to the TA-090v1 Motherboards, but if I had to guess, I'd say it'd react the same way a hackable motherboard would (the PSP would shut down).

7- If it's a Limited Edition PSP, here's the list of the ones I know of so far:
Daxter Limited Edition Pack, comes with 3.80 OFW & a TA-085v2 Motherboard, and is hackable.
God of War Limited Edition Pack, comes with 3.95 OFW & a TA-088v2 Motherboard, and is hackable, & cool too :P
Madden 09 Limited Edition Pack, comes with either 3.95 OFW & a TA-088v2 Motherboard ~~OR~~ 4.01 OFW & a TA-088v3 Motherboard. If it's 3.95, it's hackable, but if it's 4.01, then it's not, as simple as that.

If anyone would like to discuss any of these methods with me, either to contradict them or help me improve my theories on them, a PM, IM, E-Mail or any other form of message would do to get us started.

There is one method I'd like to say has nothing to do with whether the PSP is hackable or not:
The PSP series full number (2000/2001/20002/etc) just as seen in both pictures (2001 black PSP Slim, & 2000 White PSP Slim) Those have nothing to do with whether the PSP is hackable or not, it's just an indication of the region of the PSP.

& Here's the list:
2000- Japan
2001- United States (American)
2002- Australia/New Zealand
2003- United Kingdom
2004- Europe
2005- Korea
2006- Hong Kong/Singapore
2007- Taiwan
2008- Russia
2009- China
2010- Mexico

Also, if a PSP is hackable, the Firmware on it has nothing to do with its Hackability.
Whether it had 1.00 Official Firmware, 4.00 Official Firmware, 4.01 Official Firmware, 5.00 Official Firmware, or even the latest 5.03 Official Firmware, if the 2000 series PSP doesn’t have a TA-088v3 Motherboard, then it can be hacked.

| Dear Reader,
| If you still aren't satisfied with this & would like to discuss whether your PSP is hackable or not, please write your post here instead of starting a new topic. I'll do my best to help out as much as I can!

If your PSP is hackable, & you want to hack it, follow the following link for all your needs:
Attempting to hack a PSP will not harm it in any way (& will not brick it).
Also, hacking it will not void your Warranty, though you will have to reinstall an Official Firmware back on it to use its Sony Warranty.

Final Note:
Please don’t copy or rewrite this research to any other website.
If you would like me to post it on your website, ask me to. I’ll work on it & post it there as soon as I can.
If this post was copied or rewritten (again) to any other site, My faith in the PSP society will decrease, taking away my support & future guides & tutorials.

Thanks Go to:
Jonatan10 for the Motherboard List.
PSPWAD for the Identification letter List & The Special Edition List.
Rith for the region list, & general support in other fields.
& Naturally, to Dark_AleX & the M33 Team for their CFW.

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