Apr 2, 2009

E&M-FGD(Feature Group D) vs FGD-EANA(Exchange Access North American)

The e&m-fgdsetting allows E&M interface connections for PBX trunk lines (tie lines) and telephone equipment to use Feature Group D switched-access service. 

FGD-EANA is a Feature Group-D (FGD) signaling protocol of type Exchange Access North American (EANA). This provides certain call services, such as emergency (USA-911) calls.

  • FGD can accept ANI and DNIS for inward calls (Network to CPE), but can only provide DNIS for outward calls (CPE to Network).
  • FGD-EANA can also provide ANI and DNIS for outward calls (Network to CPE), but cannot accept ANI for inward calls (CPE to Network). To provide and accept ANI and DNIS at the same time using CAS we can split the T1 into two different ds0 groups. One group is for inbound calls and one group is for outbound calls.This output shows an example: 

ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-12 type e&m-fgd
ds0-group 1 timeslots 13-24 type fgd-eana
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