Jun 24, 2008

ip pim bsr-border

To prevent bootstrap router (BSR) messages from being sent or received through an interface, use the ip pim bsr-border command in interface configuration mode. To disable this configuration, use the no form of this command.

ip pim bsr-border
no ip pim bsr-border

Usage Guidelines
When this command is configured on an interface, no Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) Version 2 BSR messages will be sent or received through the interface. Configure an interface bordering another PIM domain with this command to avoid BSR messages from being exchanged between the two domains. BSR messages should not be exchanged between different domains, because routers in one domain may elect rendezvous points (RPs) in the other domain, resulting in protocol malfunction or loss of isolation between the domains.

Note This command does not set up multicast boundaries. It sets up only a PIM domain BSR message border.

The following example configures the interface to be the PIM domain border:

interface ethernet 1
ip pim bsr-border
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