Drop and Insert(D&I)

The Drop and Insert (D&I) feature allows DS0 timeslots to be taken off one T1 interface and inserted into time slots of the other T1 interface. This feature is available in VIC and WIC applications.

    • Drop and Insert functionality does not support different framing and line coding on the two ports. Therefore, when a tdm-group is configured on the controller T1 or E1, the framing type between the two controllers must be the same. This is only for the tdm-group functionality of the VWIC card.

      Note: If you do configure two different framing types, this is the error message that the IOS sends to the console of the router:

      Voice_Router (config)#connect TDM t1 0/1 t1 0/2 %CONN TDM:  Framing type mismatch %CONN TDM: Endpoints are incompatible %CONN: Invalid Command
    • Drop and Insert timeslots do not need to be contiguous.

    • Drop and Insert of timeslots must be on the T1 controllers on the same 2-port VWIC, unless the gateway is Multiservice Interchange (MIX) enabled. When a gateway is MIX-enabled and the proper TDM network clock participation is configured, Drop and Insert of timeslots between T1 controllers on different VWICs is possible. Refer to Multiservice Interchange (MIX) for Cisco 3600 Series Multiservice Platforms for more details.

    • Drop and Insert uses tdm-groups.

    • Drop and Insert on a PRI can only be done if the entire PRI, including its D-channel is D&I'd. If individual channels must be D&I'd and other channel terminated, you cannot use PRI, you need to use CAS.

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