Media Termination Point (MTP)

A Media Termination Point (MTP) software device allows Cisco CallManager to relay calls that are routed through SIP or H.323 endpoints or gateways.

MTP, a Cisco software application, installs on a server during the software installation process. You must activate and start the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service on the server on which you configure the MTP device. For information on activating and starting services, refer to the Cisco CallManager Serviceability Administration Guide.

Each MTP device that is defined in the database registers with the Media Resource Manager (MRM). The MRM keeps track of the total available MTP devices in the system and of which devices have available resources.

During resource reservation, the MRM determines the number of resources and identifies the media resource type (in this case, the MTP) and the location of the registered MTP device. The MRM updates its share resource table with the registration information and propagates the registered information to the other Cisco CallManagers within the cluster.

The MTP and transcoder can register with the same Cisco CallManager. See the "Transcoder Configuration" section on page 30-1 for more information.

Each MTP receives a list of Cisco CallManagers, in priority order, to which it should attempt to register. Each MTP can register with only one Cisco CallManager at a time.
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